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Welcome to Patanjali Yogas

Patanjali yoga school invites one and all to the yogic world. All age groups right from the age of eight to the age of eighty, anyone can start practicing Hata Yoga. Hata Yoga is a set of physical postures called Asanas, breathing exercises called Pranayama and Relaxation techniques.

People from all walks of life, Students, men and women of all age groups, Actors, Business men and Business women, Software professionals, Teachers, Engineers and Doctors, all can practice yoga according to their needs. Yoga works to cut down the fat and maintains overall fitness of the body.

Yoga works on reducing Diabetes, Backpain, Hypertension, Spondylosis, Women’s Health problems. Yoga helps to improve Memory and Concentation. Yoga reduces Stress and Tension.

Yoga helps in improving over all health and gives mental peace. Patanjali Yoga school promotes health and well being of individuals. Physical and mental health of an individual makes him active and joyful.

A healthy body and a happy mind will lead to a productive and successful being. One can work with more vigour and energy by adopting yogic lifestyle and could be successful in their career and also in the life as whole.

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